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The Risks of Renting & Riding Scooters in Thailand – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

The Risks of Renting & Riding Scooters in Thailand – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Wherever you are in Thailand, whether it’s Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you will find scooters everywhere. It is the mode of transport most commonly used by locals, and most tourists and expats will agree that there is no reason not to make use of this affordable and convenient method of transport.


During our stays in Koh Samui and Chiang Mai, we too made use of this mode of transport and had a permanent scooter rental. We made a video of a scooter trip we did on Koh Samui.

When hiring a scooter, many tourists are not aware of what they are getting themselves into. In this post I’d like to help you understand the risks you take by riding a scooter in Thailand, and why sometimes it is better using a tuk tuk, a songthaew, a taxi or an Uber (in Bangkok only).


Over the past two years we’ve heard horror stories where tourists were riding scooters during their stay and got involved in serious accidents. These accidents have not only ended vacations abruptly, but left certain tourists bankrupt and lucky to be alive.

These three simple questions will help you decide whether or not to hire a scooter:

1. Do you have a motorbike license?

If you don’t have a motorbike license that let’s you ride legally at home, then you will be riding illegally in Thailand. For most visitors not having a motorbike license won’t cause any problems because scooter rental shops and the police generally don’t check or care. However – this is an important one – if you don’t have a license and get involved in an accident, then your medical travel insurance will most likely not cover you or the person on the back of your scooter.

2. Does your insurance cover motorbike accidents?

Most medical travel insurance will cover common accidents including scooter accidents, however as mentioned above, your insurance will not cover you if you are operating a motorcycle without a motorbike license. It’s always recommended to check the fine print to make sure you’re covered.

3. Are you an experienced motorcyclist?

Have you driven a scooter before? Do you have experience with lane splitting or lane sharing – this is when you drive in between and overtake slower cars? Have you driven a scooter with someone on the back before? Do you know how fast you can take a corner and how to conduct an emergency stop?

Many tourists have never driven a scooter, yet they take the risk of figuring it all out on their travels – sometime with a partner or family member on the back, which I’d strongly discourage.

Many tourists take the risks and get away with it, but some end up being the unlucky ones. I recently heard of a couple that got into a serious accident on their scooter and their medical insurance did not cover them. They ended up paying almost US$ 35 000 to cover their expenses of their medical bills and to replace the scooter that had to be written off.

If you can’t confidently answer yes to ALL of the above three questions, then I strongly suggest that you rather avoid renting and riding a scooter in Thailand. If you’re willing to throw caution to the wind and take the risks, then good luck and be safe, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Are you looking for medical travel insurance? We trust and recommend World Nomads.

Koh Samui Scooter Round Trip – Thailand

Koh Samui Scooter Round Trip – Thailand

During our stay on Koh Samui, we took a day off to do a scooter round trip of the island to visit and enjoy the different areas. We swam at pristine beaches, ate at a local restaurant, and enjoyed the views at multiple look out spots.

With over 15 years of experience (including driving in Thailand at the age of 16), and having a motorbike drivers license it was a no brainer for me to rent a scooter for the duration of our month long stay on Koh Samui. It was without a doubt the best way of getting around this beautiful island. Ever since visiting Thailand back in 2001, and exploring Phuket Island by scooter, I knew that I wanted to spend some time getting off the beaten track to explore the back roads, and find some hidden attractions.


Riding a scooter in Thailand can be an affordable, convenient and fun way of getting around. As exhilarating as it may be, this mode of transport does however come with significant risks and may not be the best option for everyone. If you’re deciding whether or not to ride a scooter in Thailand, make sure to read my post “10 Things To Consider Before Renting a Scooter in Thailand”.

When visiting Koh Samui make sure to venture beyond Chaweng and Lamai. And if you’re not keen on renting a scooter and driving yourself, then join one of the many 4×4 tours on offer.

If you have any questions about visiting Koh Samui or renting a scooter in Thailand, please ask us on Twitter (@FreemadicLife) or on Facebook.

5 Benefits of Being Self Employed

5 Benefits of Being Self Employed

Back in 2008, after finishing my business science and marketing degree, and spending a year working and travelling in Australia, it was time for me to launch and build my career. I started working at an online agency which I enjoyed, but after having a taste of formal employment and the 9-5 routine, I quickly decided that it wasn’t for me. After just two weeks, I quit, and started pursuing my own path.

Freemaic - Koh Samui Dream Office

Not settling for a traditional 9-5 job, and deciding to become my own boss was one of the toughest yet best decisions I’ve ever made. I went on to start Posmay Media – a digital media agency that specialises in web development and online marketing services – which I still run today.

Eight years later and I’ve done a lot, launched a lot, failed a lot, but most importantly learnt a lot. I’ve also enjoyed the multiple benefits of being self employed, and in this post I share the five major benefits of being or becoming self sufficient in your career.

1. Owning Your Own Time

Having the freedom to not only live on the weekends is something most people only dream about. Being able to create your own schedule and work routine let’s you design and live your ideal lifestyle. You get to decide when you’d like to work and how much you’d like to work.

For me owning my own time means that I have complete freedom, but I also have the responsibility to be disciplined and make the right decisions. I get to allocate my time based on my personal priorities which include focusing on growing my business, helping my clients, spending time with family and friends, travelling the world, educating myself further and pursuing my hobbies. When the waves are great, then I can go surfing or skimboarding, when I feel burnt out or exhausted, I can take a break, and when a family member or friend visits the town I’m in, then I can take time off to spend with them. Having this flexibility increases my quality of life and opens up a world of opportunities.

Freemaic - Skimboarding Camps Bay

2. Doing The Work You Love

Being self employed let’s you focus on your strengths, and on doing your best work. Combine what you love, what you’re good at, and what people are willing to pay you for and you’ve got a winning formula. Initially it’s all about generating the income you need to pay your bills, but once that’s done you can explore further. You can try something new or improve your skills in something you’re already good at.

For me it all started with writing, recording, and performing music throughout high school and university. The band that I had created was a real life project that let me test, explore and learn. I learnt as much as I could about the music industry, music distribution, digital recording, the Internet, online publishing, and online marketing. I also launched various passion projects on the side that let me test new ideas and acquire new skills. I enjoy working at the intersection where creativity meets business – where the suit meets the artist – as I am essentially both. Learning by doing has let me explore my own creativity while acquiring valuable skills that I use on a daily basis to help and empower my clients.

Freemaic - Spratch on Stage

3. The Freedom to Build Your Own Dream

Being employed by a company that you admire is great, however having the freedom and taking the risk to create something that you own and believe in takes it one step further. If you don’t focus on building your own dream, then someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Over the last eight years I’ve explored various areas of online business and online marketing. Positive Mayhem was the brand I created to self publish my bands’ album ‘On The Rise’. Positive Mayhem quickly evolved and became Posmay Media which today is my primary business. I’ve also developed SkimZA, which is a website dedicated to promoting skimboarding in South Africa, as well as an online store that sells imported skimboarding gear in South Africa. One of my latest projects is Freemadic which is an online resource to document our personal journey and help others find explore beyond their boundaries, find true freedom and live an inspired life on their own terms.

4. Opportunity For Growth

Owning your own time also gives you the opportunity to spend time on self development and learning more about topics that interest you. In my spare time I consume strategic content and attend events to expand my knowledge and understanding of topics that interest me, and that can help me reach my next goal. Content that I learn from includes blog posts, eBooks, webinars, YouTube videos, online courses, as well as conference keynotes and mastermind groups. I’m constantly learning and growing – acquiring the skills and knowledge that I need to help myself and my clients enhance their online marketing efforts to succeed online.

Freemaic - Plitvice Lakes

5. Uncapped Income

In most cases when working for someone else you’ll be paid a monthly salary with employment benefits. Based on the performance of the company, your salary will increase every year, and if you’re lucky you might get a bonus. Some specific positions may also offer performance based incentives – for example getting additional bonuses for reaching sales targets. Being self employed, your income depends entirely on you and your company – based on how much you work and what you are selling. Work hard and smart and you will be rewarded, and without a monthly safety net comes limitless income opportunity.

In 2014/15 I spent a lot of time travelling and exploring new countries in Southeast Asia. This was a very exciting time, but it was also a very disruptive time. I struggled to focus on my primary business, which led to a drop in my income. I’ve since learnt a lot about finding an effective balance of working and travelling, and have restored my income to where it used to be and am working on increasing it even more.

6. The Opportunity To Work Remotely

At first thought the opportunity of working from anywhere might only be available to those that work online, however this is not the case. No matter what your business is there is always an option to scale and expand. You can build a team, bring in additional management to free up your own time. By creating processes and delegating effectively you can set up your business to operate without you being present, which gives you more freedom and the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Freemaic - Koh Samui Dream Office

Being able to work independently online has given me the opportunity to work from anywhere – as long as I have my mobile office and a reliable Internet connection. This has enabled me to live my dream of travelling the world, while still building a business and generating income. In 2011 I spent 5 months in the US, meeting and skimboarding with some of the best riders in California. This past year (2014/15) I spent 9 months travelling exploring Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Croatia and Germany.

Self employed and living the digital nomad lifestyle is definitely not for everybody, but if you have an itching desire to realise a bigger dream, then I encourage you to start your journey today.

If you have any questions please share them with us on Twitter (@FreemadicLife) or on our Facebook page.

8 Lessons I Learnt After Being Robbed While Travelling

8 Lessons I Learnt After Being Robbed While Travelling

On a recent trip to Istanbul the unthinkable happened – I got robbed. After an amazing first night out dining and laughing in this incredible city, I awoke early the next morning – around 5:30am – and noticed that there was a stranger in my rental apartment.

In my sleepy state I sat up in bed and watched as the stranger walked out the front door, not realising what was going on. I reached for my iPhone to activate the torch, but my iPhone was nowhere to be found. At this stage it hit me like a ton of bricks – I had been robbed!

A cat thief had climbed into my second floor apartment through a window that was left open, and while I was asleep he stole of my valuables including my iPhone, wallet with bank cards and drivers license, digital camera, cash and even my favourite travel pants which had my international drivers license in it.

Even though I was extremely upset and traumatised, it could have been so much worse, and I was grateful that I did not get hurt and that the thief did not take my laptop. Thinking back to that day, there is so much I would have done differently, but you live and learn.

To help you not make the same mistakes I did, here are the eight lessons that I learnt from being robbed:

1. Always Lock All Windows & Doors

Rather be safe than sorry, and no matter what floor of a building you are on, rather lock your windows (especially if there are no burglar bars). It’s easy to say “it’s highly unlikely that it will happen”, but rather make sure to prevent criminal activity from happening.

2. Don’t Get Distracted 

Arriving at a new destination is both exciting and distracting. My senses got overwhelmed with new sights, sounds and experiences. On my first day and night in Istanbul, I was enthralled by this new destination, and I got distracted and unfortunately I let my guard down, making me an easy target.

3. Crime Happens Everywhere

Coming from South Africa I’m well aware of crime and am usually very cautious, but no place is as safe or as dangerous as you think it is. Unless you are a local, or are travelling with a local that knows the area, you are always a target to criminals. Remember that crime can happen anywhere especially in tourist areas. Always stay alert!

4. Always Lock Away Your Valuables

Whenever possible take preventative action. While travelling in Southeast Asia, Lara and I were extremely cautious with our belongings and always locked away all valuables. Fortunately we did not fall victim to any theft during our six month stay. In Istanbul I got caught up in the moment, forgot about the basics, and paid the price.

5. Spread Your Cash & Bank Cards

Never keep all your cash and bank cards in one place like your wallet or purse. Get multiple ATM bank or cash cards in the event that one gets stolen or gets lost. Make sure to have an emergency fund in cash and always spread your cash. Not having cash or access to cash can cause huge problems and even ruin any trip. Unfortunately I had all three of my bank cards in my wallet which was stolen during the robbery, but I did have backup cash to use until I could get my bank card replaced. Having new cards couriered internationally was quite a challenge too.

6. Create Regular Backups

We often forget how valuable the contents of our digital devices are. Make sure to make regular backups of all your personal data from all your devices including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Keep your backups on a separate external hard drive (that you can lock away) or even better, keep your backup in the cloud using one of many cloud based backup services.

7. Consider Using Cloud Based Services

As mentioned above, make sure that your data is safe and consider using one of many cloud based backup solutions. Doing backups to the cloud does involve transferring your files over the Internet, so if you won’t have reliable Internet access, then this may not be the best option. However you might decide to create a backup before leaving your last reliable Internet connection.

8. Have A Plan For Worst Case Scenarios

Being caught off guard and loosing my iPhone, drivers licenses, wallet and camera left me a bit empty handed. Make sure to plan ahead for these unlikely events, because they can and do occur. Have adequate travel insurance or funds to replace any important personal possessions, and most importantly make use of an app like 1Password to save all your sensitive personal data (passwords, pin codes, credit card numbers and emergency contact details) in a safe place that is accessible from the cloud.

Learn From My Mistakes & Don’t Be Discouraged

I often joke about this incident and choose to see the positive outcome. After having my iPhone stolen I spent a lot less time on my phone – checking emails and social media. I spent more time interacting with other travellers, locals and taking in all the amazing experiences.

Don’t let my experience and the risks of travelling put you off. Learn from my mistakes, plan your next adventure and make sure to visit Istanbul. Like any big city it can be dangerous, but there are too many unique and wonderful experiences that you will miss out on by not going.

Have you ever been a victim of crime or scams while travelling? Please share your experience with us on Twitter or on our Facebook.

How We Finance Our Lifestyle of Travel

How We Finance Our Lifestyle of Travel

We recently received a great question from Johann via Twitter. Johann (owner of Chalet Robyn’s Nest) asked us how we make money to upkeep our travel lifestyle. This is one of the most common questions we get as long-term travellers, and in this post I will explain five points that have helped us successfully finance our digital nomad lifestyle.

1. Long Term Travel Is More Affordable Than You Think

A typical two week overseas vacation that includes a few nights in a hotel, all inclusive meals, and a selection of tourist attractions can get rather expensive. By spending a longer period of time in each destination we visit – usually a month or longer – we reduce the cost of travel dramatically. For example, renting an apartment for a month can cost the same as spending a few nights in a four or five star hotel, or renting a scooter for month in Southeast Asia can cost the same as having your car serviced back home. By spreading our travel costs (including the cost for our visas and long haul flights) over a longer period of time, the average cost decreases substantially making it more affordable.

2. Valuing Experiences Over Possessions

We all have limited time, and most of us have limited disposable income, so deciding how we spend these two valuable resources is a huge decision. Over the past few years I have gone through a transition where I have downscaled my personal possessions, and made a conscious decision to only buy what I really need moving forward. By valuing experiences over possessions I’ve made a commitment to having less and doing more. While travelling I take photos, create videos and collect experiences. Living out of a suitcase has helped me prioritise what I really need. The truth is, I don’t need much at all to be comfortable and content.

See our Ultimate Packing List and Mobile Office Setup to see what’s inside our suitcase and what gear we use to work remotely.

3. Convert Unused Assets Into Income

From selling off possessions to renting out a house or apartment, selling or renting unused assets could help finance your next trip. While travelling long-term it would be a waste to leave a house or apartment standing empty when it could be rented out and generating an income. Similarly physical possessions that are not being used now or while travelling will just get old and worthless. I chose to sell whatever I could to generate some additional income, which we used to pay for part of our month long stay on Koh Samui.

4. Minimise Long-Term Contracts & Monthly Payments

There are many companies out there that will offer you great products and services for a monthly payment and/or a multi year contract. Mortgage payments, car payments, health insurance, gym membership, mobile contracts, clothing store accounts, and the list goes on and on. I made sure to cancel as many of these contracts as possible, which brought down my monthly expenses substantially. For example, there is no use being locked into a two year mobile contract in your home country if you won’t be there to make use of it. It’s better then to purchase a more affordable phone and use the additional cash to purchase a pay-as-you-go card at your next destination.

5. Find & Secure A Location Independent Income

In order to pay for travel and living expenses it’s important to have a reliable source of income. This could be anything from a trust fund, investment dividends or a donation from a family member. For me it is earning a location independent income by providing online marketing, web development and video services to my clients. For more info visit Posmay Media

To my own surprise and delight, travelling is not as expensive as I believe would be. It’s as easy as saving money, living within my means and earning additional income.

If you have any further questions, please submit them to us on Twitter (@FreemadicLife) or on Facebook.

7 Reasons Why We Spent A Month on Koh Samui

7 Reasons Why We Spent A Month on Koh Samui

With Thailand being our first stop of our Southeast Asia adventure, we spent our first month working and playing on the beautiful island of Samui. Here are our main reasons for choosing this popular destination to be our home for a month.

1. Sunshine, Beaches & Palm Trees

Like most visitors to Thailand we too were looking forward to these three commonly sought after holiday ingredients. As part of our exploration of the island we soaked up hours of sunshine, swam at a selection of stunning beaches and went off-roading in the tropical jungle.

2. Great Serviced Rental Apartment

Our rental apartment at Ban Sua Samui offered us everything we needed for a comfortable and productive stay including being perfectly located, having great WiFi, offering daily cleaning, and breathtaking views overlooking the ocean.

3. Scuba Diving

It has always been my dream to learn how to scuba dive on a tropical island, and  Koh Samui was the perfect destination to do so. With some of the best best dive spots in the Gulf of Thailand just kilometres away including Koh Toa and Sail Rock, we both took the opportunity to completed our scuba diving certification. This experience was one of the highlights of our stay on the island.
Watch our video → Scuba Diving Koh Tao & Sail Rock, Thailand.

4. The Island Lifestyle

From family run roadside restaurants, one man cocktail bicycle bars, fresh fruit shakes served around every corner, and shrimp boats that illuminated the bays at night with their green lights, we loved the relaxed, slow paced  island lifestyle.

5. Thai Massages & Street Food

After trying a foot massage at one of the local spas, we quickly become regular customers. We often headed out in the late afternoon to our favourite spa to get our full body massage followed by some smoothies, spring rolls, veg noodles and a delicious Nutella pancake.

6. Personal Safety & Friendly Locals

There have been various reports of tourists being killed in Thailand with two murders taking place during our visit. We know that these sort of isolated incidents can happen anywhere is the world, and while staying on Koh Samui we felt very safe and the locals were friendly, peaceful and hospitable.

7. Low Season & Less Touristy

By visiting Koh Samui during the month of September we enjoyed the benefits of the quieter shoulder season. Roads, beaches and tourist attractions were less crowded and therefore more enjoyable.

Ask us anything about Koh Samui on Twitter (@FreemadicLife) or on our Facebook Page.

Staying Connected in Turkey with Alldaywifi

Staying Connected in Turkey with Alldaywifi

One of the biggest challenges digital nomads face while travelling is staying connected. Finding reliable and fast Internet in a new destination can be as simple as purchasing a local sim card with a pay-as-you-go data bundle, however in some places this process can be complicated and time consuming. On a recent trip to Turkey I decided to save myself the time and hassle of getting a sim card, and instead I tried the Alldaywifi service which left me pleasantly surprised.


On their website, the process is described in four simple steps: Book, Get, Use and Return. Here is a brief breakdown of my experience using AllDayWifi while visiting Istanbul and Bodrum.

1. Simple & Easy Online Booking

I really wish all reservation processes would be this simple. It literally takes you less than 30 seconds to reserve your mobile router on the Alldaywifi website. It’s as easy as entering your pick up and drop off dates, entering some additional details on the next page and paying via PayPal. You will then receive an email confirming your order.

2. Efficient Delivery Before Arrival

As promised, my Alldaywifi kit was waiting for me at the reception of my rental apartment – charged and ready to go including a spare battery pack (to charge the router or my iPhone), an Istanbul (Public Transport) Kart, as well as concise user instructions.

3. Fast Speed With Decent Coverage

I tested the device at various locations with decent results. The coverage and speed will depend on the network coverage. However if you do get stuck with poor coverage and slower speeds, it’s simple enough to move along and find a new cafe or restaurant to work from.

4. Hassle Free Return

I started my trip in Istanbul and ended in Bodrum, which was no problem when it come to returning the device. Leaving your kit at your hotel or apartment in Istanbul is free of charge and for a small additional fee you can also leave it at your accommodation outside of Istanbul – in my case this was Bodrum.

Customer Service

As I do with most services and products, I usually find some or other reason to contact customer support. I did have some issues connecting my MacBook and iPhone to the mobile router. I contacted AllDayWifi on Twitter and got efficient support. After following the simple step-by-step instructions I had reset my device to factory settings and was back up and running.


Alldaywifi didn’t only work for me, but for my entire family too as we could connect multiple devices to the mobile router. For my requirements Alldaywifi offered me everything I needed and I would recommend it anybody planning a visit to Turkey.

Ask us anything about Istanbul and Turkey on Twitter (@FreemadicLife) or on our Facebook Page.


The 5 Things You Need to Become a Successful Digital Nomad

The 5 Things You Need to Become a Successful Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is not as easy as quitting your job, booking a plane ticket to the other side of the world, and trying to find some freelance work. It is about making sacrifices, working hard and having the determination to follow your dream and design your own desired lifestyle. In this post I’ll share with you the five things you need to become a successful digital nomad that in turn will give you ultimate freedom to travel the world indefinitely.

1. An Open Mindset

After reading The 4-Hour Workweek I started questioning the norm and decided to design my work around my lifestyle instead of my lifestyle around my work. I decided to avoid the corporate world by starting my own business and owning my own time. As a digital nomad you’ll need to be able to challenge the status quo and go against the norm. You’ll have to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, have the courage to embrace change and challenges, and see opportunities instead of problems.

2. Location Independent Income

After finishing my studies in Cape Town, I spent a year traveling and working in Australia. During this year I secured my first client and revamped their website remotely. Since then I’ve been building up a client base that has allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. Today I sell online marketing services through my business Posmay Media and have co-founded Freemadic. Charging for services that I deliver remotely has allowed me to earn location independent income. Without sufficient income or savings, you won’t be able to travel for very long. Being able to earn income from anywhere is the lifeblood of a digital nomad lifestyle.

3. Compact Mobile Office

In order to do your work and stay in touch with friends, family and clients, you will need a reliable and compact mobile office setup, which should include hardware, software and online services. Depending on your work, this may be as little as your laptop and mobile phone, however it could also include cameras, batteries and external hard drives. Check out our complete mobile office setup to see what we use and recommend.

4. Reliable Internet

In order to stay connected with your work commitments you will require a reliable Internet connection. The speed requirements and the duration of connectivity will depend on your work, but all digital nomads regularly need an Internet connection.

While travelling I always make sure that the accommodation I choose includes fast, reliable and uncapped Internet. I also make sure to get a local sim card for my iPhone so I have mobile Internet access. Various countries like Thailand and Vietnam offer unlimited mobile data for a fixed price. For emergencies this let’s me tether my Macbook to my iPhone when there is no Internet available.

5. Discipline

To avoid distractions and get the necessary work done, you will need discipline. Having the discipline to maintain a structured and balanced work/life routine is essential. On a trip to Southeast Asia this was something I really struggled with for quite some time. Overlooking the ocean and the two pools on Koh Samui from our apartment’s balcony made it very difficult to focus on work. I did eventually realise that taking too much time off was unsustainable which helped me get back to work and implement more structure and discipline.

Have I forgotten something important or do you have something to add or ask?
Let me know in the comments below.

11 Best iPhone Apps That I Use As A Digital Nomad

11 Best iPhone Apps That I Use As A Digital Nomad

The best mobile apps simplify and enrich our lives by meeting a need in a useful, fun and easy way. Here are 11 of my favourite iPhone apps that I use while travelling – tried, tested, recommended and mostly free.

11 Best iPhone Apps That I Use As A Digital Nomad

1. Google Maps (Free)

Turn-by-turn voice navigation, travel time estimates, public transport info, traffic alerts, street view, business listings and reviews are all features that make this app indispensable. Link to App Store

2. new My Maps ($4.99)

This is the best app for accessing ‘My Maps’ on the Google Maps platform – either your own maps or maps that have been shared with you. I regularly create custom maps for destinations and this app let’s me access these maps on my iPhone. Link to App Store

3. Dropbox (Free)

The Dropbox app gives you access to all your files in your Dropbox right on your iPhone. Favouriting a file let’s you access that file offline. Great for flight and accommodation confirmations or any other documents you need at your fingertips. Link to App Store

4. Workflowy (Free)

Workflowy is my digital notepad and has become a digital extension of my brain. I create lists of travel tips, attractions and GPS coordinates. This app let’s me access all my lists on my iPhone. Try Workflowy for free and use this link to get 2x the space on your free plan. The Workflowy app syncs with the web app. Link to App Store

5. Scanner Pro ($2.99)

This app makes it simple to scan a paper document to create a digital copy. You can also then upload your scans to most popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. Link to App Store

6. TripAdvisor (Free)

Reviews, photos and maps by travellers for traveller. This app makes it easy to find the best accommodation, restaurants and fun things to do. Link to App Store

7. Day One ($4.99)

Designed to encourage you to write about your journey – enter your memories, ideas, events and photos. I use this in conjunction with One Day for Mac. Link to App Store

8. XE Currency (Free)

Get live Forex rates and convert every world currency with this currency exchange app, including Bitcoin. Link to App Store

9. World Time Buddy (Free)

This app let’s you compare time zones, making it simple to schedule a virtual meeting or online call with participants in multiple time zones. Link to App Store

10. FaceTime, Google Hangouts & Skype (Free)

Video calls has become a frequent reality. Depending on the call recipient and the performance of each app, one of these apps will get the job done.

11. WhatsApp, iMessage or Messenger (Free)

The three instant messaging apps that I use most frequently. iMessage works best for other iOS users. Whats App is great for sending media and Facebook’s Messenger is great for chatting with Facebook friends.

What are your favourite travel apps? Do you have any other recommendations to add to this list? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

5 Ways I’ve Benefited From Joining The DC – A Community of Smart Online Entrepreneurs

5 Ways I’ve Benefited From Joining The DC – A Community of Smart Online Entrepreneurs

One of the sure ways to find inspiration, support and growth in both personal and business development is by surrounding ourselves with a group of likeminded, successful individuals.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn

In 2014 I decided to surround myself with people who would help grow my business development by joining the Dynamite Circle (DC). Not only has it given me access to a community of likeminded people, but it has also been nothing short of life changing.

What is The Dynamite Circle?

The Dynamite Circle is a private community for entrepreneurs – most members are location independent. From monthly meet ups/networking events and private forums to an annual conference held in Bangkok called DCBKK, the community encourages you to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs to help you move forward with your business.

To learn more watch the videos below and visit

Here are some of the benefits I have received after joining the DC

Joining a premium private community like the DC is only the start. The amount of value you can get from a community like this depends on how much you are willing to invest by getting involved. Here are some of the benefits I have received from getting involved with the DC.

1. Breaking The Isolation

As a self-employed online entrepreneur it’s easy to just stay home and work in isolation. For six years I worked from home or from coffee shops by myself, focusing on my own brands and my clients projects. This left me feeling lonely and disconnected. Joining the DC gave me access to a thriving community of likeminded entrepreneurs from all over the world that I can now reach out to and connect with.

2. Attending DC Juntos

The DC encourages its members to host and attend monthly meet ups called Juntos in whichever city they are in.

Definition: The Junto was a club for mutual improvement established in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. Also known as the Leather Apron Club, its purpose was to debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy, and to exchange knowledge of business affairs. –
Together with Paul Kortman from Nomad Together, I co-hosted the first Junto in Cape Town. Even though it was small I got to meet Dan Tržil and Jeff Pecaro from Nurtur Letters. Since then I have also attended Juntos in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, where I have met more DC members, made new friends and enjoyed many interesting and useful conversations.

3. Attending the DCBKK Conference

In October 2014 I attended my first DCBKK conference in Bangkok which was my first major conference experience. The four day event included keynote presentations, networking events and parties. The organisers did a great job of creating an environment that was comfortable yet professional, and assembled a panel of speakers that were extremely informative and valuable. I also opted to join the Mastermind session, which ran over an entire day. The group I was allocated to was made up of some well known and highly successful members that provided me with some great feedback regarding my current business situation.

4. Reading & Interacting in the Online Forum

As a private online membership site, the DC also offers its members access to an exclusive forum that is packed full of valuable questions, answers and advice. It’s a very active forum with many members regularly posting new content. Whatever your question might be, it’s very likely that it has already been discussed in the forum. You can also post a new topic or question and ask for feedback.

5. Meeting Individual Members

Over the past few months I’ve also taken advantage of reaching out to individual DC members to set up one-on-one in person meetings or online calls. I’ve made some great new connections and friends that I can reach out to if I need help or advice. And I’m also here to offer them the same.

Are you part of a community that helps you with your personal and/or business goals. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about how you can join the DC, please leave a comment below or tweet us @FreemadicLife.